Where does the VMP's data come from?

There are two enrollment arms of the VMP (see figure below). One encompasses “scraping” the All-Payer Claims Database (APCD) for diagnoses, and therapeutics related to the treatment of ADRD. The other uses a self-enroll component with digitized Behavioral Risk Factors Surveillance Survey (BRFSS) modules, including cognition, caregiving, and demographics.



HealthLandscape Virginia

The VMP has proudly partnered with the Wright Center and HealthLandscape Virginia to provide an Alzheimer's Disease Dashboard. HealthLandscape Virginia is an interactive online tool that allows users to explore a wide range of health outcomes and social determinants of health data. Users can create maps, compare geographical, demographic and health-related data, and explore trends over time in a variety of formats. This information is useful for academic, policy, health, and community stakeholders and can be found here:


VMP Infographics

Caregiver Infographic Dementia Infographic