About the Virginia Memory Project

The Virginia Memory Project (VMP) is a statewide epidemiological registry that catalogs diagnoses of ADRD (Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders), caregiving (CG), and subjective memory decline (SMD)  across the Commonwealth of Virginia. Unlike traditional epidemiological registries, the VMP operates on a responsive philosophy, namely that the data housed in the registry should be foundational to immediate service and education efforts as well as the more traditional long-term and higher order functions of a registry such as public health surveillance, resource allocation, and policy formation. The VMP was founded in 2021 and Launched in 2022 via a sub-award from the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Building our Largest Dementia Infrastructure (BOLD) Act.




Why a registry?
Registries help us see what is happening today and plan for tomorrow.  

If I need services, can the registry help me find them?
We will ask you if you would like to be contacted for services or support. 

I do not have Dementia and I am not a Caregiver, should I still enroll?
Yes! Every adult should enroll in this registry. It takes just 5 minutes and makes a big difference. 

Where do these questions come from?
These questions come from the Behavioral Risk Factors Surveillance Survey at the Centers for Disease Control.

Who has access to my answers?
VCU Gerontology and the Virginia Department of Health.  

Is my name associated with my answers?
NO! Your answers are confidential, providing your name is optional. 

Why should I join?

  • It takes just 5 minutes
  • Supports current and future caregivers
  • Helps plan for future dementia needs in the Commonwealth

Do you have concerns about your memory?
Get help here.


This survey is supported by the Virginia Department of Health, Office of Family Health Services. #709CF220023.