Alter Dementia 

Faith-based communities are important sources for providing health related information and offering connections to services, particularly for African Americans. Historically, churches have been a safe haven for African American families; however, many churches do not currently have programs to support families/congregants living with dementia. Alter assists faith-based communities in meeting the needs of these families and in becoming a viable resource for them.

The program offers educational sessions that:

  • provide critical information
  • emphasize the importance of early detection
  • introduce clinical research opportunities.
Faith-based leaders play an integral role in encouraging families to seek a dementia diagnosis and use local support services. Alter's goal is to partner with faith-based organizations anchored in African-American communities to better support families affected by dementia.

A dementia-friendly faith-based organization is one that:  

  • accepts and values people regardless of cognitive abilities
  • ensures that people living with dementia and their caregivers/care partners are supported through their journey
  • makes sure that people living with dementia and their caregivers/care partners are spiritually and pastorally supported and nurtured
  • encourages participation from families experiencing dementia in their faith community.

Alter is proud to partner with the following churches in Virginia:

  • Beulah African Methodist Episcopal Church - Farmville
  • Third Street Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church - Richmond
  • Cedar Street Baptist Church - Richmond

Alter Virginia is part of the national Alter program. Learn more about Alter:


For more information about Alter in Virginia, contact Andrea Price at