VCU Road Scholar in Staunton

Staunton site coordinator: Barbara Wright


  • American Shakespeare Center: Three Outstanding Performances at Blackfriars
    • Program #19279
    • Description: "Casual Shakespeare fans and devotees alike will delight in this unique program, filled with reminders of the rewards we reap from his works time and time again. Gain insight from scholars at the American Shakespeare Center into Shakespeare's history, humanity, language, text and stagecraft. Discuss plays, characters, themes and interpretations with directors, attend three plays under the lights at the splendid Blackfriars Playhouse and experience for yourself why Shakespeare still speaks to us, generation after generation."


  • A 21st Century “Chautauqua” in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley
    • Program #22442
    • Description: "Theodore Roosevelt called the Chautauqua movement “the most American thing in America.” Join us to re-create that spirit. Top instructors from all VCU Road Scholar sites present a dozen tantalizing and thought-provoking classes that change from program to program on topics ranging from history to culture, folkways, the sciences, music, Shakespeare and more."


  • Civil War Generals: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
    • Program #19288
    • Description: "Virginia was the pivotal state in America’s Civil War, a reluctant addition to the Confederacy yet a point of unrelenting focus by the Union nonetheless. In this state where six of every 10 Civil War battles were fought, recall the actions and analyze the leadership of some of the war’s well-known and more obscure generals."


  • Great Music & Theatre: Staunton Music Festival & American Shakespeare Center
    • Program #19901
    • Description: "Join us for the nationally acclaimed Staunton Music Festival, presenting an extraordinary variety of great music in Historic District venues throughout this lovely town. Rehearsals, classes and concerts range from chamber music to medieval chant, baroque to classical orchestra masterpieces, emerging composers, international musicians and world premieres. Study Shakespeare's craft with American Shakespeare Center scholars, go behind the scenes with actors and attend an evening performance at the unique Blackfriars Playhouse."



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