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If you or someone you know is experiencing abuse, neglect, or exploitation,
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Abuse in Later Life

Our Abuse in Later Life Program tackles the issue of abuse of adults 50 and older by bringing together professionals from such diverse fields as law enforcement, victim advocacy, social services, the faith community, criminal justice, housing, healthcare, aging services, and more.  By working collaboratively, we can put the pieces together to see and address the whole story--the whole person--the whole system and to improve the lives of victims of abuse in later life.  Since 2007, we have trained more than 3,000 professionals throughout Virginia and across the nation in recognizing and responding to such abuse.

For an introduction to the issue of abuse in later life, view this video, featuring our Program Director, Paula Kupstas, Ph.D.  Video is courtesy of Henrico Public Relations and Media Services.  Click to view the video.

For assistance accessing information related to the Abuse in Later Life program, please contact the Virginia Center on Aging at 804-828-1525. 

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