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The Central Virginia Task Force on 

Domestic Violence in Later Life



The Central Virginia Task Force on Domestic Violence in Later Life is a local partnership of organizations working since 1998 to raise awareness and ‌improve the community response to women aged 50 and older who experience domestic, sexual, or family violence.  Working together across disciplines, we aim to put the pieces together to address the whole story -- the whole person -- the whole system.

In September 2014, the Task Force's Domestic Violence in Later Life project was among six Violence Against Women Act funded programs from Virginia recognized in the White House report, 1 is 2 Many: Twenty Years Fighting Violence Against Women and Girls. Click here to link to the report.


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Professional partners are invited at no cost to engage in the work of the Task Force: 




The Virginia Center on Aging administers two projects on behalf of the Task Force: 


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For more information on getting involved with the Task Force, scheduling a training, or arranging for technical assistance, contact Courtney O’Hara at (804) 828-1650 or cdohara@vcu.edu

To download a Task Force brochure, click this link: Central VA Task Force on DViLL

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