VCoA Editorials

The following editorials were originally published in Age in Action. They are posted separately here to aid in broader communication and discussion of issues. 


Fall 2021 Actively Engaging with Virginia Center on Aging's Retired Community
By Bert Waters, Ph.D., Associate Director
Age in Action Issue Editorial Title

Summer 2021 Leading from the Middle

Spring 2021 Metabolic Syndrome and How to Fight It

Winter 2021 On wisdom, gerontology, and personal aging

Fall 2020 Creating COVID-19 Work-Arounds for Vulnerable Older Adults

Summer 2020 Ageism in the Age of COVID-19

Spring 2020 Finding Light in the Darkness
Winter 2020 Benefits of Physical Activity on Depression
Fall 2019 Dementia-Friendly Resources
Summer 2019 Interprofessional Geriatrics: Improving the Health of Older Adults
Spring 2019 Blue Zones and Longevity
Winter 2019 Loneliness in Later Life
Fall 2018 Fighting Frailty with the Mediterranean Diet
Summer 2018 Our Anniversary
Spring 2018 Lewy Body Dementia
Winter 2018 The Year in the Rear-View Mirror
Fall 2017 Abuse and Neglect of Animals and of People, An Update
Summer 2017 Laughter and Well Being as We Age
Spring 2017 Oral Health and Aging
Winter 2017 Meeting Aging-Related Needs in 2016
Fall 2016 Fix and Fit to Age in Place
Summer 2016 Neighborhood Walkability and Health
Spring 2016 What Are the Needs of Older Adults?
Winter 2016 Animal Cruelty and Elder Abuse
Fall 2015 Disappearing Before My Eyes: My Mother and Dementia
Summer 2015 Remembering Our Friends
Spring 2015 Preventing Financial Exploitation
Winter 2015 We Happy Few: Accomplishments in Calendar 2014
Fall 2014 Calorie Labeling
Summer 2014 Older Prisoners
Spring 2014 Virtual Villages for Aging in Place
Winter 2014 The Healthy Brain Initiative
Fall 2013 Being in the Moment
Summer 2013 Partnering
Spring 2013 Dreams and Wonder
Winter 2013 Lessons from a Sequoia Grove
Fall 2012 All the World's a Stage
Summer 2012 Walkability
Spring 2012 Geriatric Home Makeover
Winter 2012 Is Aging a Disability?
Fall 2011 Baby Boomers and Stereotypes
Summer 2011 Forever Young
Spring 2011 Falls
Winter 2011 The Most Terrible Poverty
Fall 2010 Filling the Gap
Summer 2010 On Becoming Invisible
Spring 2010 The Blank Tablet of Aging
Winter 2010 Aging as an Option
Fall 2009 Awaken the Sleeping Giant
Summer 2009 Blanche DuBois Geriatrics
Spring 2009 My Passage to India
Winter 2009 Sold a Bill of Goods
Fall 2008 Priorities in a Time of Crisis
Summer 2008 It's About the People
Spring 2008 Geriatric Training and Education (GTE) Projects
Winter 2008 Tackling Elder Abuse
Fall 2007 Health Care Reform and Family Caregivers
Summer 2007 Fiscal Year Retrospective
Spring 2007 Re-imagining the experience and study of aging