Age in Action Quarterly Publication 

Winter 2023 Issue


Age in Action is published jointly by the Virginia Center on Aging, VCU Gerontology, and the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services. Its target audience includes professionals in the field of aging, gerontologists, geriatricians, health professionals and administrators, adult home and community professionals, students, and others interested in aging-related education and research in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The newsletter includes articles from the collaborating organizations; profiles of professionals, organizations, or businesses in the field of aging; articles on topics of relevance, such as housing, health, guardianship, educational programs, legislative issues, available resources, etc.; updates on activities and organizations in or related to the field of aging; notices of meetings and conferences; and more. The newsletter welcomes input and submissions from its readers. 

The following is a list of past issues available for viewing.

Winter 2023

- Chesterfield Fire and EMS Mobile Integrated Healthcare: Background and a Case Study
- DARS Report - In-Home Services and Home Modifications for Older Adults

Fall 2022 Coping with Macular DegenerationThree Case Studies
Summer 2022 What Matters Most: CNA Perspectives on Workforce Education, Professional Identity and Age-Friendly Care
Spring 2022 Recognizing and Responding to Abuse in Later Life: Feedback from Virginia's Frontline
Winter 2022 (no case study)

Fall 2021 - Improving Guardianship Practices through Collaborative Stakeholder Action  

Summer 2021 The VCU Nursing Home ECHO, a Member of the National COVID-19 Action Network
Spring 2021 Strengthening Capacities to Respond to Dementia with Lifelong Disabilities: Using the Project ECHO Model
Winter 2021 Lucy Corr Dental Clinic: Addressing Dental Needs of Uninsured Older Adults
Fall 2020 The Agony of Da Feet: Reexamining the Foundation to Fitness
Summer 2020 A Multifaceted Approach to Address Food Insecurity in Urban Dwelling Older Adults
Spring 2020 Two Professionally Led Choir Programs: Empowering People with Dementia and Their Care Partners
Winter 2020 The Health Empowerment Program: A Primary Care – Area Agency on Aging Partnership
Fall 2019 Care Transitions: Empowering Older Adults with Post-Hospital Interventions
Summer 2019 The Mason Music & Memory Initiative (M3I)
Spring 2019 VirginiaNavigator/GWEP Community Outreach Training for Older Adults, Caregivers, and Service Programs
Winter 2019 The Senior Mentoring Program at VCU's School of Medicine
Fall 2018 Silver Saddles: An Equestrian Intervention for Older Adults with Dementia
Summer 2018 Into the Elder Law Trenches at Wake Forest University School of Law
Spring 2018 Addressing the Spiritual Needs of People Aging with Dementia and/or Lifelong Disabilities
Winter 2018 Gerontology Theory Communicated in the Primary Grades through Picture Books
Fall 2017 Living Well with Chronic Health Conditions: Chronic Disease Self-Management Education in Virginia
Summer 2017 Integrating Geriatrics in Primary Care: Progress and Prospects
Spring 2017 Utilizing Older Adult Standardized Patients to Enhance the Education of Health Professional Students
Winter 2017 Safe Driving for the Mature Adult: Selected Issues
Fall 2016 Palliative Care Is More Care, Not Less
Summer 2016 Evaluating Commonwealth Coordinated Care:  The Experiences of Individuals Dually Eligible for Medicare and Medicaid
Spring 2016 Averting Financial Exploitation and Undue Influence through Legislation
Winter 2016 PALETTE: An Intergenerational Art Program to Improve Health Care Delivery and Health Outcomes of Older Adults
Fall 2016 Building Interprofessional Teams through Evidence Based Practice Training in Falls Prevention
Summer 2015 Bringing Comfort to People with Advanced Dementia
Spring 2015 Available Telephone Services for Older Virginians Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
Winter 2015 Sleep Disorders and Cardiac Consequences
Fall 2014 The Necessity of Leisure and Physical Activity
Summer 2014 Remembering through Music: Therapy and Dementia
Spring 2014 Protecting the Vulnerable: Free Ways to Prevent Financial Exploitation
Winter 2014 The Lifelong Learning Institute in Chesterfield: Ten Years of Growing
Fall 2013 TimeSlips: Creativity for People with Dementia
Summer 2013 Falling Down: Assessing the Risk of Falls in Older Adults
Spring 2013 Virginia POST: Improving Patient-Physician Communication about End of Life Care
Winter 2013 Medications as a Risk Factor in Falls by Older Adults with and without Intellectual Disabilities
Fall 2012 Arthritis and Physical Activity in Mid- and Later-Life.
Summer 2012 Hoarding Behavior in the Elderly
Spring 2012 The Fairfax County Hoarding Task Force
Winter 2012 We are Family: When Elder Abuse, Neglect, and Financial Exploitation Hit Home
Fall 2011 Habilitation Therapy in Dementia Care
Summer 2011 Alcohol, Medications, and Older Adults
Spring 2011 Universal Design in Housing
Winter 2011 The Impact of Providing Rehab Mobility Equipment to Those in Need
Fall 2010 Reverse Mortgages
Summer 2010 CPR and DNR Decision Making
Spring 2010 Senior Meal Programs: Feeding a Crowd with Local Foods
Winter 2010 Aging and the Behavioral Problems of Brain Injury
Fall 2009 Activity Engagement for Persons with Dementia
Summer 2009 Sleep and Sleep Disorders in Later Life
Spring 2009 The Older Inmate
Winter 2009 Virginia's Money Follows the Person Demonstration
Fall 2008 The Aging Together Partnership: Collaborating to Improve Quality of Life for Older Adults
Summer 2008 Making Affordable Assisted Living Work: The Mountainside Senior Living Story
Spring 2008 Confident Living Program for Senior Adults Experiencing Combined Vision and Hearing Loss
Winter 2008 No Wrong Door: Virginia's Key Strategic Initiative for Long-Term Care
Fall 2007 PACE - Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly
Summer 2007 Teens Teaching Alzheimer´s Caregivers to Become Tech- Savvy: The Power of Community and Intergenerational Partnerships
Spring 2007 "Powerful Tools for Caregivers": Teaching Skills That Reduce Stress and Increase Self-Confidence
Winter 2007 Acute and Chronic Pain Challenges for Arthritis Patients in an Acute Care Setting
Fall 2006 Brain Health: Mending the Mind after Age 50
Summer 2006 ElderFriends: Relieving Loneliness Among Elders
Spring 2006 Parish Nursing: A Vital Piece to the Puzzle of Care for Older Adults
Winter 2006 The Shepherd´s Center of Richmond: Opportunities for Meaning and Personal Growth through Service
Fall 2005 Partnership for Prescription Assistance of Virginia (PPARx)
Summer 2005 Male Caregiver
Spring 2005 WorkWORLD© Choice
Winter 2005 Spirituality and Cognitive Impairment
Fall 2004 Meeting the Challenges and Opportunities of Aging with Lifelong Disabilities: The Area Planning and Services Committee
Summer 2004 Law Enforcement and Adult Protective Services Working Together: A Team Approach to Elder Abuse Cases
Spring 2004 Mental Fitness and the Lifelong Learning Movement
Winter 2004 Congregate Nutrition Programs Can Alleviate Loneliness and Isolation
Fall 2003 Montessori-Based Activities for Dementia: A Walk Down Memory Lane
Summer 2003 The Value of Multidisciplinary Care in Parkinson's Disease
Spring 2003 Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation of Vulnerable Elders
Winter 2003 Aging in Place -- Can Universal Design Make It a Reality?
Fall 2002 Using Validation as a Consultant in a Richmond, Virginia Continuing Care Retirement Community
Summer 2002 Older Adults, Social Techniques, and Memory
Spring 2002 Older Homeless Women: Beneath the Safety Net
Winter 2002 Are You at RISK for Blindness? Don't Keep Glaucoma a Family Secret!
Fall 2001 Avoiding Medication Pitfalls
Summer 2001 Bridging Aging and Domestic Violence Services in Our Communities
Spring 2001 Enhancing the Quality of Life of Nursing Home Residents with Late Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders
Winter 2001 Vision and Hearing Loss in the Older Adult - "Double Trouble"
Fall 2000 Adult Daycare: Sharing the Caring, Having a Life
Summer 2000 The Aging Woman and HIV/AIDS: Increasing Risk and Incidence
Spring 2000 PACE: Program of All-inclusive Care of the Elderly
Winter 2000 Aging with Cerebral Palsy: A Consumer's Perspective
Fall 1999 Low Vision in Older Adults
Summer 1999 Merging a Divided System: The Need to Integrate Care for Individuals Participating in Both the Medicare and Medicaid Programs
Spring 1999 Ethical Concerns in the Care of Individuals with Alzheimer's Disease
Winter 1999 Geriatric Interdisciplinary Team Training
Fall 1998 Preventing the Unnecessary Losses of Alzheimer's Disease
Summer 1998 State Regulation of Assisted Living Facilities
Spring 1998 Reducing Medication Mismanagement in Adult Care Residences
Winter 1998 Medications and Falls
Fall 1997 Standing Up to Osteoporosis
Summer 1997 Consumer-Directed Long Term Care Services
Spring 1997 Cosmetic Dentistry for the Geriatric Patient
Winter 1997 Guardianship Practice