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Marissa Mackiewicz

Marissa K. Mackiewicz, RN, MSN, CNS, PhD

Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Email: mkmackiewicz@vcu.edu

Marissa Mackiewicz is a post-doctoral research fellow for the Virginia Center on Aging, in the Department of Gerontology. She brings her expertise in the areas of geriatrics with a concentration on community based, multi-disciplinary care-coordination with low-income, urban dwelling older adults. Under the mentorship of Dr. Patricia Slattum, she will focus on improving overall wellness and health outcomes for older adult populations with substance use disorder (SUD). In addition, Dr. Mackiewicz’s research promotes community awareness, knowledge, stigma reduction, access to treatment and a supportive recovery community for those impacted by SUDs, including individuals, caregivers, family members and healthcare professionals.